2008 – present

The drawings are imbued with a transitory sense, at any moment the clay could be washed from the surface of the paper to leave nothing but a stain, clay has flaked off from the images. The body is in a state of flux, balancing, falling, precarious, the images are ambiguous and in some cases almost obliterated. Bodies with a pencil outline purposefully have a fluid interior, as if dissolving, whilst others have no discernible boundary and are bleeding off the page, not restricted by the papers edge.

Images of internal organs, by contrast are dealt with in a detailed way. There is a play between the physicality and technique that describes the body or parts of it, (the external), and the delicate rendering of vital organs, (the internal). The external drawings describe the body/figure in an emotional state; they portray an energy or ‘life’ a constant flow. The internal drawings are static.